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Wednesday, June 3rd

  Auditorium 2 (592) 0.1 London (90) 0.2 Berlin (90) 0.3 Copenhagen (49) 0.4 Brussels (189) 0.6 Madrid (49) 0.7 Lisbon (47) 0.8 Rome (118) 0.9 Athens (118) Exhibition area
Acoustic regulations and classification schemes for buildings

New ways of lumped parameter analysis in an enclosed environment
C. Van Dijk
Railway noise: sources, exterior noise and ambience

Acoustical Source Modelling for Rolling Stock Vehicles: the Modeller's Point of View
A. Bistagnino, G. Squicciarini, U. Orrenius, E. Bongini, M. Starnberg, R. Cordero, J. Sapena, D. Thompson
Tyre/road noise measurements, standards and classification

On the acoustic long-term performance of asphalt and concrete road surfaces on Austrian motorways
R. Wehr, M. Conter
Fans, ducts and mufflers

Application of a High-Order FEM Solver to Aeroengine Exhaust Noise Radiation
K. Hamiche, G. Gabard, H. Bériot
Hearing protectors - new developments

Determination of Sound Attenuation of Ear-plugs Using Audiometers
S. Dantscher
Analysis and Modelling of Psychoacoutics Sensations

Assessment of kindergarten noise by means of psychoacoustic metrics
J. Rennies, D. Hülmeier, F.X. Nsabimana
Active noise control

Simultaneous Online Modeling of the Secondary Path and Neutralization of the Feedback Path in an Active Noise Control System
W. Reich, S. Khan, M. Dalir, R. Hilterhaus
Uncertainity of measurements

How 21st century technology can improve sound level measurement
M. Turner
Room in room acoustics

Evaluation of a perceptually optimized room-in-room reproduction method for playback room compensation
J. Grosse, S. Van De Par
9:00 New Dutch Code of Practice for equipment noise
W. Beentjes
Aeroacoustic Analysis of a NACA Duct
N. Pignier, J. Dahan, C. O'Reilly, S. Boij
A psychoacoustic based approach to pavement classification
E. Freitas, C. Cunha, J. Lamas, S. Mouta, J. Santos
An uncertainty estimation for a higher order multi-port characterization in ducts with flow
S. Sack, M. Åbom
Special Methods for Selecting Hearing Protectors for Very Low Frequency Noise
P. Sickert
Tonality perception of stationary and transient signals
A. Oetjen, P. Volk, S. Van De Par
Multichannel Active Sound Quality Control for Independent- Channel Sound Profiling
J.A. Mosquera Sanchez, K. Janssens, W. Desmet, L. De Oliveira
Multi-Layer Planar Near Field Holography using MEMS microphone arrays in a noisy environment
M. Thomassen, H. Nijmeijer, R. Scholte, P. Sommen
Spectral and perceptual properties of a transfer chain of two rooms
A. Haeussler, S. Van De Par
9:20 Measurement of time variant sound pressure levels at low frequencies in buildings - verification of sound class using EN ISO 10052 and 16032
C. Simmons, K. Larsson
Research on noise propagation of plateau railway
L. Shao, L. Liu, Y. Li, C. He
Development of a High-Resolution Measurement System of Rotating Tires towards Noise Prediction
K. Takami, T. Furukawa
The effect of cylindrical waveguide outlet features on the directional pattern
K. Kolber, L. Gorazd, A. Snakowska, J. Snakowski
Degradation of Front-Back Spectral Cues Induced by Tactical Communication and Protective Systems
T. Joubaud, V. Zimpfer, A. Garcia, C. Langrenne
Loudness perception and modeling of impulsive sounds
R. Sottek, T. Moll
Active noise control with fast array recursive least squares filters using a parallel implementation for numerical stability
A. Berkhoff, S. Van Ophem
The influence of finite sample size on surface impedance determination of materials with low sound absorption at low frequencies
A. Färm, S. Boij, R. Glav
Analysis of a Spatially Discrete Sound Field Synthesis Array in a Reflective Environment
V. Erbes, S. Weinzierl, S. Spors
9:40 Aku20 - Searching for Optimal Single Number Quantities in EN ISO 717 Correlating Field Measurements 20-5000 Hz to Occupant's Ratings
C. Simmons, F. Ljunggren
Quiet Track - Monitoring of track roughness and track decay rate
M. Höjer, M. Almgren
Improved method for determining the absorption coefficient of high reflective surfaces
W. Schwanen, G. Van Blokland
Multimodal Method for Flow-induced Acoustic Resonance in Successive Deep Axisymmetric Cavities in a Duct
X. Dai, Y. Aurégan
Very high level impulse noises and hearing protection
P. Hamery, V. Zimpfer, K. Buck
Spectral and Temporal Features as Estimators of the Irrelevant Speech Effect
T.U. Senan, R. Navarro, M. Park, S. Jelfs, A. Kohlrausch
The spatial properties and local active control of road noise
S. Elliott, W. Jung, J. Cheer
Sound sensor networks and smart cities

Utilising the Strengths of Different Sound Sensor Networks in Smart City Noise Management
D. Manvell
Room in Room Acoustics: the Influence of the Direct/Diffuse Sound Field Ratio in a Listening Room on Played Back Recorded Acoustics
C. Hak, R. Wenmaekers
10:00 coffee coffee Three Approaches to Study the Reduction of Pavement Noise Performances over Time
F. Anfosso Ledee
Liner Impedance Determination from PIV Acoustic Measurements
A. Alomar, Y. Aurégan
Assessment of otoacoustic emission probe fit at the workfloor using integrated calibration procedure
V. Nadon, A. Bockstael, J. Voix, D. Botteldooren
Loudness of time-varying environmental sounds: Still a challenge for current loudness models?
J.L. Verhey, J. Hots, J. Rennies
Recent advances in active noise and vibration control
T. Bein, D. Mayer, S. Herold
An innovative approach for long-term environmental noise measurement: RUMEUR network in the Paris region
F. Mietlicki, C. Mietlicki, M. Sineau
Modelling the Group Size for Prediction of the Noise Level in Eating Establishments
D. Svensson, J. Brunskog, C.-H. Jeong
10:20 Airborne Sound Insulation of Vertical Partitions in an Apartment in Maceó-AL-Brazil
R.C. Teixeira Penedo, M. Oiticica
Assessment of Noise Source Integration Effects within a Virtual Certification Process
B. Betgen, U. Orrenius, S. Brunström
coffee Acoustic characterisation of double-orifice configurations by means of a LES-SI approach
C. Sovardi, W. Polifke
The impact in the workplace of hearing protector standards development
E. Shanks
coffee The Real-Time Performance of a Two-Dimensional ANC Barrier using a DSP and Common Audio Equipment
C. Kleinhenrich, T. Weigler, D. Krahé
Barcelona noise monitoring network
J. Camps
Sonic Crystal Acoustic Barriers

Noise Certification of a Sonic Crystal Acoustic Screen designed using a Triangular Lattice according to the Standards EN 1793(-1;-2;-3): 1997
J.V. Sánchez-Pérez, S. Castiñeira-Ibáñez, C. Rubio, V. Romero-Garcia, L.M. García-Raffi
10:40 Satisfaction with sound insulation in residential dwellings - concrete walls vs. drywalls
V. Hongisto, M. Suokas
On the Prediction of Track Decay Rates using Finite Element Models
B. Betgen, G. Squicciarini, D. Thompson
Measurement of noise from electrical vehicles and internal combustion engine vehicles under urban driving conditions
L.M. Iversen, R.S.H. Skov
coffee Modeling the interaction between the hearing protector attenuation function and the hearing loss profile on sound detection in noise
C. Giguère, E.H. Berger
The effects of natural scenery on sound perception

Soundscape quality of urban parks and gardens
J. Lafon, C. Lavandier
Vehicle Sound Quality

Engine Sound Weighting using a Psychoacoustic Criterion based on Auralized Numerical Simulations
F. Duvigneau, S. Liefold, M. Höchstetter, J.L. Verhey, U. Gabbert
coffee Experimental evidence of band gaps in periodic structures
F. Morandi, S. De Cesaris, M. Miniaci, A. Marzani, M. Garai
11:00 Noise Requirements in Existing Buildings in Spain: New Proposals and the Existing Building Evaluation Report
T. Carrascal García, A. Romero Fernández, B. Casla Herguedas
Reduction of Impact Noise of Trams on a Major Bridge
M. Dittrich, C. Bosschaart, P. Wessels
Noise properties of there constructed highway D1 measured by CPX open trailer and stability of measured data in time and distance
V. Krivanek, A. Pavkova
Hybrid Dissipative/Reactive Silencer Predictions with Comparison to Measurement
P. Williams, M. Åbom, J. Hill, R. Kirby, C. Malecki
Systematic Evaluation of the Relationship Between Subjective and Objective Measurement Methods of Hearing Protector Devices Attenuation
H. Nélisse, C. Le Cocq, J. Boutin, J. Voix, F. Laville
The Effects of "Greening" Urban Areas on the Perceptions of Tranquillity
G. Watts, R. Pheasant
Predicting the perceived Quality of impulsive Vehicle sounds
M. Höchstetter, J.-M. Sautter, J.L. Verhey, U. Gabbert
Sound Sensor Network based Assessment of Traffic, Noise, and Air Pollution
L. Dekoninck, D. Botteldooren, L. Int Panis
Towards the development of a software to design acoustic barriers based on Sonic Crystals: An overlapping model
J.V. Sánchez-Pérez, S. Castiñeira-Ibáñez, C. Rubio
11:20 Neighbour and traffic noise annoyance at home - prevalence and trends among Danish adults
B. Rasmussen, O. Ekholm
Portraying Sounds Using a Morphological Lexicon
M. Carron, T. Rotureau, F. Dubois, N. Misdariis, P. Susini
Integration of noise in Pavement Management Systems
H. Bendtsen, R. Stahlfest Holck Skov, L. Møller Iversen
Acoustic damping of an annular tail-pipe under mean flow conditions
R. Boonen, P. Sas, E. Vandenbulck
A Web App for Avoidance of Hazards Arising from Combinations of Personal Protective Equipment - Measurements on Reduction of Sound Attenuation of Ear Muffs by Goggle Sidepieces
M. Liedtke, B. Hohmann
The effect of outdoor vegetation as seen from the dwelling's window on self-reported noise annoyance
T. Van Renterghem, D. Botteldooren
There's a car coming? - Psychometric function for car pass-by in background noise based on simulated data
A. Hoffmann, P. Bergman, W. Kropp
On the Use of Linear Regression for the Assessment of Stability in Noise Monitoring Networks: A Practical Example
K. Sotirakopoulos
The 2.5D MST for sound propagation through arrays of cylinders parallel to the ground
B. Van Der Aa, J. Forssén
11:40 Evaluation method of rubber ball impact sound
J. Jeong
Effects of Railway Ballast on the Sound Radiation From the Sleepers
X. Zhang, D. Thompson, G. Squicciarini
30 Different Tyres On 4 Surface Types - How Do Truck Tyre Noise Levels Relate to the Test Surface
G. Van Blokland, J. Kragh
Low Frequency Noise Attenuation inside Ducts using locally resonant periodic flush mounted Steel Patches
M. Farooqui, T. Elnady, W. Akl
Standardized acoustic test fixtures for testing ear protection devices and noise cancelling headsets
P. Wulf-Andersen
Effects of soundscape on rural landscape perception
X. Ren, J. Kang
Analysis of vibrational comfort in a car equipped with a modified 3-cylinders engine
A. Carbajo, V. Roussarie, E. Parizet, E. Diaz
Real Life Harmonic Source Localization using a Network of Acoustic Vector Sensors
D. Pérez Cabo, H.E. De Bree, M.A. Sobreira Seoane, D. Fernandez Comesaña
The Sonic Window Project - Meeting the Trio Challenges of Providing Natural Ventilation, Daylight and Noise Mitigation
H.P. Lee, L.B. Tan, K.M. Lim, K.M. Lim, N.C. Khoo
Plenary lecture: Room Acoustics

Plenary Lecture: The Acoustics of Places for Social Gatherings
J.H. Rindel
13:40   Rail vehicle source models within a virtual certification process
U. Orrenius, L. Feng, M. Åbom
Soundscape case studies

Soundscapes, human restoration and quality of life
I. Van Kamp, R. Klæboe, A. Brown, P. Lercher
  Dynamic Noise Mapping based on Fixed and Mobile Sound Measurements
B. De Coensel, K. Sun, W. Wei, T. Van Renterghem, M. Sineau, C. Ribeiro, A. Can, C. Lavandier, D. Botteldooren
Airborne and Impact sound transmission - prediction methods

Vibroacoustic Investigations of Light-Weight Ceilings - Modeling Aspects and Design Guidelines
M. Buchschmid, M. Kohrmann, G. Müller, U. Schanda
Effective abatement of railway noise in Germany
R. Weinandy, T. Myck
Perception and Assessment of Sound Quality

Decision strategies in loudness judgments of time-varying sounds inferred from two psychophysical tasks
E. Ponsot, P. Susini, S. Meunier
The Effect of High Temperatures and Grazing Flow on the Acoustic Properties of Liners
H. Bodén, R. Kabral
Overview of TANGO Thermoacoustic and aeroacoustic nonlinearities in green combustors with orifice structures , Maria Heckl Healing soundscape: hospital acoustics 2.0
E. De Ruiter
Acoustic material design process: From microstructure to acoustics performance

Unit-cell variability and micro-macro modeling of polyurethane acoustic foams
O. Doutres, M. Ouisse, N. Atalla, M. Ichchou
The Design and Calibration of Low Cost Urban Acoustic Sensing Devices
C. Mydlarz
Sensitivity of humans for low frequency noise

Auditory Cortex Activation by Infrasonic and Low-frequency Sound of Equalized Individual Loudness
R. Kühler, M. Bauer, J. Hensel, T. Sander-Thömmes
14:20 Comparison between calculated and measured performances of impact sound insulation for Cross Laminated Timber building elements
C.C. Mastino, M. Marini, R. Baccoli, A. Di Bella, E. Solinas, N. Trulli
Noise prediction of a steel-concrete railway bridge using a FEM
J. Oostdijk, T. Weekenstroo, M. Vercammen
Sound Quality Evaluation of Acoustical Environments with Multiple Sources
S. Skoda, J. Steffens, J. Becker-Schweitzer
A reaction matrix method in waveguides with coupling resonances
L. Xiong, W. Bi, Y. Aurégan
Noise as a Stress Factor on Humans in Urban Environments in Summer and Winter
J. Stienen, T. Schmidt, B. Paas, M. Ziefle, J. Fels
On representativeness of the representative cells for the microstructure-based predictions of sound absorption in fibrous and porous media
T.G. Zielinski
Area-based environmental noise measurements using wireless sensor network
I. Kivelä, I. Hakala
Trials of a protocol to support LFN sufferers in the UK
A. Moorhouse, D. Baguley, T. Husband, C. Banks, P. Comiskey, T. Kay, A. Kenyon, D. McFerran, F. Penney, K. Smith, C. Whalley
14:24 Source models in linearized approaches to computational aeroacoustics, Paula Martinez  
14:40 Efficient and robust coupling of finite element and diffuse field models for sound transmission prediction
E. Reynders
Characteristics of rail pads tested at laboratory and under track conditions
H. Venghaus, M. Toward, E. Scossa-Romano
Does the order of different successive vehicle pass-bys have an influence on the annoyance due to urban road traffic noise?
L.-A. Gille, C. Marquis-Favre
Identification of a Rotating Sound Source in a Duct with High Spatial Resolution
Y.-H. Heo, J.-G. Ih, H. Bodén
Vibrations from Blasting Activities Annoyance reactions from residents in neighbouring areas
K. Ronny, A. Amundsen
Linking Micro Structure to Sound Absorption: An Experimental Study on Lime Based Plasters
I. Meric Nursal, A. Tavukcuoglu, M. Caliskan
European noise policies

WHO Environmental noise guidelines for the European Region
M.-E. Heroux, W. Babisch, G. Belojevic, M. Brink, S. Janssen, P. Lercher, M. Paviotti, G. Pershagen, K. Persson Waye, A. Preis, S. Stansfeld, M. Van Den Berg, J. Verbeek
Methods to evaluate and mitigate low frequency noise

Localisation of low frequency noise pollution areas in industrial environments
J. Van Muijlwijk, L. Garcia Escribano, E. Jansen
14:48 Acoustic wave propagation through orifices in ducts, Susann Boij  
15:00 Apparent Airborne Sound Insulation of Hybrid Wood-Concrete Masonry Assemblies
C. Höller, B. Zeitler, J. Mahn, I. Sabourin, S. Schoenwald
Virtual testing within acoustic certification of rolling stock: challenges to be met in the future
E. Bongini, U. Orrenius, M. Starnberg, A. Bistagnino
Influence of Context Effects on Sound Quality Assessments
A. Fiebig
Reduction of Tonal Noise in a Centrifugal Fan using Guide Vanes
K. Paramasivam, S. Rajoo, A. Romagnoli
The Influence of Social Context on the Perception of Student's Noise in the City of Groningen: A Qualitative Analysis
K. Minoura, C. Driesprong, K. Profijt, K. McGee, T. Andringa
Predicted and Measured Anisotropic Acoustic and Elastic Properties for Open Cell Porous Material and Their Influence on Acoustic Performance in Typical Train Applications
E. Lundberg, P. Göransson, U. Orrenius, P. Wennhage
Towards an complete Health Impact Assessment for Noise in Europe
A. Van Beek, D. Houthuijs, W. Swart, E. Van Kempen, N. Blanes Guàrdia, F. De Leeuw, J. Fons
Social assessment of environmental lfn
P. Sloven
15:12 Acoustic absorption of micro perforated plates, Ines Lopez Arteaga  
15:20 Acoustic Evaluation of Floating Floor Applications in Mechanical Rooms
M. Oguc, D. Hadzikurtes
coffee coffee coffee Investigating the Effect of Indoor Soundscaping on Speech Privacy in Open Offices
V. Acun, S. Yilmazer
Atypical dynamics of materials with periodic microstructure and local resonance
S. Hans, C. Boutin, C. Chesnais
Bearable railway noise limits in Europe
F. Elbers, E. Verheijen
Municipal approach of low frequency noise (LFN)
N. De Jong, G. De Meer, W. Reen, G. Hooiring, H. Breukelaar
15:36 Thermo acoustic instabilities in combustors,Maria Heckl  
15:40 coffee
Developments in standards and policies for railway noise

Working with noise production ceilings for railway traffic
C. Roovers
Perceptual evaluation of differences between original and synthesised musical instrument sounds
A. Osses, C. Kim, A. Kohlrausch
Acoustic characterization of a multicavity muffler for broadband noise reduction in flow duct applications
E. Perrey-Debain, R. Maréchal, B. Ouédraogo, J.-M. Ville
Sound in the museum
K. Hjortkjær
Sound Absorption Measurements for Micro Perforated Plates: The Effect of Edge Profile
M.A. Temiz, I. Lopez-Arteaga, A. Hirschberg
coffee Assessment of low frequency noise due to wind turbines in relation to low frequency background noise
E. De Beer
16:00 Noise from Waste Water Pipes above a Suspended Ceiling
T. Scheers, M. Vercammen
Research Study: Managing Noise from Parked Trains
N. Isert, S. Lutzenberger, N. Craven, P. Hübner
Psychoacoustic filtering for noisy speech enhancement
S. Alaya, N. Zoghlami, Z. Lachiri
Prediction of Air Flow Noise in Ducts due to the Presence of Fixed Obstacles
N. Papaxanthos, E. Perrey-Debain, S. Bennouna, B. Ouédraogo, S. Moreau, J.-M. Ville, F. Foucart
  coffee coffee Triple A Tyres for Cost-effective Noise Reduction in Europe
M. Dittrich, F. De Roo, S. Van Zyl, S. Jansen, E. De Graaff, J. Sliggers
16:20 Wave Based Modeling of Structure-Borne Sound Transmission in Finite Sized Double Walls
A. Dijckmans
Acoutic Specification of Composite Brake-Blocks for Railway vehicles
F. Letourneaux, F. Aubin
Psychoacoustic Evaluation of Rock Crushing Plant Noise
J. Kataja, M. Antila, H. Isomoisio, J. Heikkilä, A. Karjalainen
Evaluation of Three Impedance Eduction Methods for Acoustic Liners Under Grazing Flow
A. Amador Medeiros, J. Apolinário Cordioli
Soundscape Ecology

Soundscape Analysis and Wildlife Presence in the Vicinity of a Wind Turbine
J. Florentin, B. Fauville, M. Gérard, F. Moiny, P. Rasmont, G. Kouroussis, O. Verlinden
  Future environmental noise impact for road and rail
M. Dittrich, F. De Roo, A. Eisses
Low Frequency Noise: Figures, Facts and Myths. Results of a discourse between different stakeholders
R. Van Poll, I. Van Kamp
16:40 Sound insulation of heavyweight walls with linings and additional layers: numerical investigation
A. Santoni, P. Bonfiglio, P. Fausti, N. Zuccherini Martello
Application of European Noise Legislation in Rolling Stock Projects World-Wide
S. Leth, U. Orrenius, L. Baures, B. Stegemann, G. Plessis, S. Lottiaux, S. Burdis, A. Carter
      Acoustic management of Natural Parks: experience in Armañón Park
I. Garcia Perez, A. Santander, I. Diez, P. Fernandez Alcala, L. Gutierrez, I. Aspuru
  Declaration on Better Tyres
H. Wolfert, J. Sliggers
Clinical Protocol for Evaluating Pathology Induced by Low Frequency Noise Exposure
M. Alves-Pereira, N. Castelo Branco
17:00 Sound propagation within a double skin facade and its influence on the speech privacy in offices
D. Urbán, M. Rychtáriková, P. Tomasovic, N.B. Roozen, C. Glorieux
Ten years of rail roughness control in the Netherlands - Lessons learned
W. Schwanen, A. Kuijpers, J. Torbijn
          Environmental Noise Policy: ways out of the crisis
P. De Vos
Low Frequency Noise-Induced Pathology: Contributions provided by the Portuguese Wind Turbine Case
N. Castelo Branco, M. Alves-Pereira
17:20 Closing ceremony                  
18:00                   Farewell drink